I used to before every session of mine I give my model a towel or a rope to get her or himself comfortable before we start to shoot.

"When you are in my towel the world is just does not matter, this is the time when your personality is going to reveal itself."

When my models are sitting in towels, without exception become open, because they do not want to keep secret anymore.  I am they reflexing mirror with a twist. I love when they are transmitting some kind of beauty. Everibody thinks different if you mention beauty, but I think it is wonderfull. It is come from the inside. As a master of beauty aesthetic I search for talents whom are in the modell, or performancer indurstry: actors, actresses, singers. I try to catch a moment with them that is important and real. Everybody has sexual energy. This is their strong vibe anyhow: wild, free, strict, masculine, feminine, soft, confident, harmed, vivid or else. So far I got the best shots of who had got hardly no makeup on and  were totally acceptable themselves more. These people open the more then other though. I hope, I find in every single person a vibe which will mean to me and who whatch this series something and create a feeling in them.